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This is a breakdown of how the concept is organized and what approach I will use to create the finished works and the reasons why…


For the Concept to work, I realized there needed to be “Rules” or “Boundaries” this concept would mostly adhere to.

Some examples of these rules are:

* Rule – the chosen body part uses the Human body/other objects or props as the primary performance surface.

This doesn’t mean to exclude the floor or other traditional surfaces of course. But just as in the performing arts there is a relationship between the artistic subject and it’s environment, creating a parallel relationship between the final chosen body part and the human body seemed to be an interesting approach for the Unconventional Art Concept.

* Rule – Strong female characters (Alien female characters that is)…

This is more of an stylistic choice, and just as with the previous rule not necessarily an absolute rule that can’t be adjusted in some way. So why alien female character then? Well, it makes more sense because of how things are explained in section II.

* Rule – Silent Movie or no dialogue.

The idea is to give the Film presentations an opportunity for more depth, and I think a no dialogue approach would fit well with this concept by creating more opportunities for detail as to how the story telling component comes to life as each sub-project comes to life.

* Rule – Effective Use Of Plot Devices.

This project was developed with this as one of its primary goals. Plot devices could be almost anything either real or imagined, it can even be the chosen body part itself.

One example of this is to have the chosen body part define the character. So an emotional quality like anger could be incorporated into what the chosen body part does and how it does it to the body/other objects or props.

The ideal result would be to have this “empower” the chosen body part, and give depth to the character. Thus, shaping the characters personality so that she will be based on attributes of her body part’s empowerment.

Of course these won’t necessarily be the only rules, and the rules can be modified or added to as well, but this will give the Concept substance that will help with the development of ideas.

This leads to the second component of the Logic of the Concept…


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