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Welcome to the Unconventional Art Concept idea development website. 


Here is where you will find all things related to the creation, development and implementation of the ideas behind the concept of, The Unconventional Art Concept!

This "About The Project" page is designed to hopefully, explain the "logic of this concept" in a way so that a first time visitor will understand what the Unconventional Art Concept is all about, and also to facilitate one or more following actions:

  • Will want to learn more.

  • Participate in various aspects of this projects development (i.e. surveys, polls, helping to breath live into this project by helping with the world-building)

  • Follow the development of this project as things move forward ( i.e. subscribe to our newsletter for occasional updates, we won't spam you or make your email available to anyone. We promise! )

  • Perhaps, spreading the word about this project to your friends and others, (that would be really cool! )


OK, here's the explanation...

First, What is it?

      ... The Unconventional Art Concept is a multi medium based visual arts project ...

It's purpose is to design an answer to the challenge of creating a series of artistic projects, that use the performing artist's feet as the primary subject of the art.

In other words, The Unconventional Art Concept will attempt to creatively answer this basic question:

  • "... What would the art look like, or what form(s) would the art take If the feet, were the primary subject of the art? ..."

The ideal end result will be an art installation on the subject made up of various quantities of four primary components:

Why create a project like this?

  • With a professional background of over 23 years as a shoe maker (fashion high heels, dance shoes), and a foot care specialist, the challenge seem like a good fit (no pun intended), to do something artistically creative that is a related subject of interest.

  • Also, I was intrigued by the challenge and thought it would be fun to try to pull it off.

Short Film  

Concept Photography



Who Is This Project Right For?

I personally think this project is right for almost anyone!  Of course, that statement could be considered relative as well.  So, who might this project interest the most?


This is a question with an answer(s) that continues to evolve over time, so as of now here is what we've come up with so far...


You like one or more of the following:


  • Performing Arts

  • The Foot Pointing Aesthetic Of Performing Artist's Feet ( i.e.  Artists who tend to point their feet often such as Ballet, Dance, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Aerial Circus/Silk, Contortion, etc... ) 

  • Science Fiction / Fantasy Genre

  • Story Narrative

  • Experimental / Unconventional Art

  • Art Films

This list will probably change or evolve as this project develops, But it's worth noting that there are specific reasons why each of these likes were included in this list. 



This leads to the next question...

What is the logic behind the concept?

I eventually realized, in order for this concept to make sense from a story telling perspective, it needed to have some order, or rules, the concept would live by...

... perhaps "rules of thumb" might better express this.

These "rules of thumb" ultimately address the list under the question "Who Is This Project Right For", so, here are some of the rules this concept will work within:



So, here are some of the rules this concept will work within:

 (To Be Continued...)

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