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The Artistic Premise:
The Unconventional Art Concept is a visual arts project.

  • The primary challenge of this project, is to choose a body part with the help of the online community through our poll (which you can take right >HERE<).

  • Then, use the body part with the most votes to create an narrative styled art installation.

The Unconventional Art Concept Logline Is:

"A visual art project with the objective to  Creatively Answer This Basic primary question:


"What would the art look like, or what form(s) would the art take If the feet were the primary artistic subject?"


The goal?  To create a foot art installation project, which will incorporate at least these following mediums:

  • Body Casting Sculptures, Short Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films, Concept Photography, and short form Documentaries




What Is Odd Cosmos?

Odd Cosmos is a fictional story

and universe.

It's purpose is to present the final

artistic concepts in a narrative form.

Here is a more technical definition of Odd Cosmos:

The Story Logline:

"A stylized Sci-Fi Fantasy Drama Anthology, set in an alien universe and time unknown to humans.  


It’s a story tale, about the peculiar nature of tragically inquisitive, yet socially dignified inhabitants of an isolated multi-planetary star system.  


They try to live normal lives during desperate times…

… Only to be pursued by obscure, embattled parasite entities, who absorb and transform its host’s, into indentured creations"

*Tag Line:
"Unusual Things Happen On Unusual Planets"

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Art Film, Experimental, Dance Cinema


You could also think of it this way...


  • The Unconventional Art Concept works to illustrate "What"  the project is about and it's ongoing progress...

  • Odd Cosmos can be likened to  the "Final Presentation", and the "Story" where everything takes place.

The Purpose Of This Website:

It is to provide insights into the world that will be used to tell the story of Odd Cosmos...

... This website is designed to be a type of Wiki database for the Unconventional Art Concept / Odd Cosmos idea. 

,The Unconventional Art Concept Studio is behind the world building, development, and production of the framework for the fictional universe called Odd Cosmos.

Odd Cosmos was created because is was determined that a special place was needed, were the rules and boundaries specified by the project parameters can exist.  This would in turn, allow the story of the concept to be told in the best way.


At this website, you will be able to learn about different aspects of the Odd Cosmos universe, such as the characters, cultures, and various explanations of what happens in the Odd Cosmos realm.

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