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Learn About The Unconventional Art Concept

The Unconventional Art Concept!

It really started as a bit of a joke actually. This idea was thrown out to me that I couldn’t make any “real” art out of a “certain” body part. Well, me being the determined person I am politely responded with “I can do whatever I put my mind to comments”, and that was that, or so I believed at the time…

… First, I didn’t take the challenge very seriously. But then, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like something that really could be done, I mean, something really cool and interesting! So, being presented with this challenge, and then armed with an idea, this lead to developing a concept, which turned into a primary project.

Time passed, I continued working on this, learning about how to go about it, and on and on. But more recently I had a thought. I wondered what if instead of using the body part I was originally challenged to use, I threw it out to the people in internet land, and had them choose a body part instead? After all, I had done a lot of the development of the concept.

So I figured I could include the body part I was challenged with along with several other atypical choices and see which one wins! Perhaps the winning vote will be the same as what I was challenged with, or, maybe a different body part will win! Then I’ll take this body part and, using it as the primary artistic subject I will create a really cool art project out of it using Film, Sculpture, and Concept Photography! Now I can say that I’m feeling the pressure a bit. However, I’ve done a lot of development on this concept and I’ve got some really cool ideas to work with.

… Either way, I figure this could be a fun project to put out there, like an art subject chosen by the people.


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